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There are a million lists out there about the coolest people and what not. Problem is they never change. If you're deemed by Azo as a punk, you are a punk forever. I don't believe in this type of behavior. I think social mobility is an important part of SC. Therefore, if you prove yourself worthy, I can move you around on my lists. And yes, the are arranged in best to worst order...

The Best of the Best:
1. BigB - no doubt
2. Azo - Mad good, kicked my ass plenty.
3. Buglady - You go girlfriend!
4. The Voyager - Hey, the boy deserves a little credit...
5. Apathy - What!?  Who the hell made this goddam list anyway?!?!

The Most Heroic:
1. Mayponian - GI JOE!!! The Great American Hero!!!  (see what I'm talking about)
2. Frostopia - Have you seen his page??? That takes Balls (pun intended)
3. Dragon Lord - To continually make himself look like an ass on sc-talk, he deserves it
4. Katuluu - A proud founder of Clan A.S.S., he's the speaker for the Suck Ass community
5. Apathy - I saved a kitty once...

The Best Sense of Humor:
1. Apathy - no doubt :)
2. Azo - the boy is hilarious
5. Voyager - leave the kid alone, At least he can laugh stuff off (usually)

Best Emp Name:
1. Apathy - noticing a trend???
2. Mayponian - To be imaginative enuff to use his last name in his empire name...

People who Suck:
1. Bird of Prey - I'm not a troll dammit!!!
2. W.A.R. - Just don't like the boy.
3. Katuluu - hey, he made the list thrice... :P
4. BentzDOG aka Golden Warrior - There, you're improving :)
5. Apathy - I'm multi-talented :)

All those who didn't make the lists, I'm sorry. Just be happy you don't suck enuff to make the last list...

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