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If You Were Smart, You'd Leave Now

Appy's Back And Prolly Worse Than Ever

It's been too long since I received an ass-beating from a random newbie and I think it would be cool to receive one.  I am now a merc looking for a home (hopefully Kaa), and any of you who feel your clan doesn't have enuff losses just offer me a membership, I will not dissapoint.  My rambling has gone just about far enuff now so I'll leave it up to all of you to decide whether or not I am qualified for your clan.  I play Blitzes and Grudges on Reggie.
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For those of you who don't know me, I play as Apathy. I am one of the greatest ever to play the game. And if you believe that, then you MUST be new. And if you are new, you don't want to be here. So go to a page of someone who knows how to play. Anyway, I do have the coolest alien in all of SC, as you can see above. And I am also one of the founding members of Clan A.S.S. (which I've now left, but will still plug :)
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SC Links:

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CyberNex v2.9
Stargate v3.0
4th Planet at Titan II v3.0
MKII (beta)
A Once Mighty Page
A good page for starters

Phat Links:

Shameless Plug for my Other Page
Shameless Plug for my friends page
THE Authority on B-Ball (and where I spend half my life)
Where I spend the other half of my life

And Now What You Really Came Here For...
Hot Sex!!!
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